Holistic & Clinical
Hypnotherapy Sessions

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is a safe, healthy, and natural way to kick the smoking habit for good.

Control Stress

Learn powerful, quick, and easy processes to help you cope with the stressors in your life.

Sports Hypnosis

Clients learn Self Hypnosis to update their imagery and create successful results.

Accelerated Learning

This session prepares the client’s subconscious mind to accept and promote suggestions for easy learning, test-taking, memory, and recall. The client will learn techniques to improves learning and anxiety.

Core Issue Clearing

The Core Issue Clearing Process is a form of regression therapy. Connie guides the client through a series of questions to uncover unresolved issues such as self-confidence, stress, and emotions to, name a few.

Healthy Weight & Shape Management

Establish a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits, exercise, and stress management.

Control Pain

This session allows the client to Learn self-hypnosis and Hypno-anesthesia to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Chemotherapy & Radiation

The sessions decrease or eliminate the side effects of both Chemo and Radiation therapy.

Heart Coherency

This Hypnotherapy session is life-changing. While in hypnosis, this session will allow the heart to connect to the mind through breath. Heart coherency reduces stress, fear, and anxiety: to mention a few. Heart coherency improves your resilience to recharge your inner -batteries.

Happy Past Life

Allows you to gain access to a happy past life and bring back from that happy past life traits that you had then, and notice you still have them in this life.

Past Life, In-Between & Surrogate Hypnosis

Connie guides the client to explore a past life, in-between life, and future lifetimes.

Ultra High

In this session, you get to meet and ask questions to your guides, angels, and ascended masters.

Meet Your Higher Self

This session allows you to meet your higher self, ask questions that you have prepared.